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Have you adopted a child?

Have you adopted a child?

Alan Newcomb’s 4 Secret Financial Tips To Start Using Today

Meeting with clients for mid-year planning sessions the past few weeks has been wonderful. No — really! And yes, I know, I should get out more. The reason we enjoy doing this (especially this time of year), is seeing that look on our clients’ faces when we identify tweaks and quick moves which can bring […]

Alan Newcomb’s Eight Reasons For Having an Estate Plan

A couple weeks back (after Independence Day), I wrote about the shared covenant we are blessed with in our nation. Our Constitution and our laws form a different kind of bond than what was ever seen, at least at the time of our nation’s founding. (Speaking of blessings — did you see that video over […]

Halftime Tax Adjustments for Centralia IL Taxpayers

I have an action item for you in a moment, but before I get there, allow me to explain… You see, one of the projects toward which I devote my time during the summer, is expanding my financial intelligence. I’m not just referring to learning more technical moves, or adding more letters after my name. […]

Alan Newcomb on NOT Automating Your Personal Finances

As we just celebrated our Independence Day, I think it’s worth considering *financial* independence. But we should pause first in gratitude to Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum who, along with our armed forces, back in 1996 successfully repelled an alien invasion that was bent on wiping our very existence off of this earth. Or perhaps, […]

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